Moza disburses 5 million dollars for construction of municipal multistorey carpark at the Central Market

Moza Banco has provided the Empresa Municipal de Mobilidade e Estacionamento (EMME) with around 5 million dollars, equivalent to more than 330 million meticais, in credit, to materialise the project to build the Maputo City Council's multistorey carpark, adjacent to the Central Market.

The already completed infrastructure, inaugurated on Friday (26 January) by the city's mayor, Eneas Comiche, now guarantees a total of 420 parking spaces on 3 levels, considerably easing the pressure on the city's downtown area as far as car parking is concerned. Also under the project, 330 new stalls were added to Maputo's central market, with the aim of minimising the risk associated with informal vending on the city's pavements and roads, an activity that often results in road accidents and other ills.

According to Eneas Comiche, who was speaking at the ceremony to inaugurate the new multistorey carpark, the new building will help to resolve two issues of concern to the town council in one fell swoop, since it "increases the number of stalls in the market to absorb informal vendors, removing them from the pavements and other public spaces; while it also solves the problem of mobility and parking"

On the same occasion, the authorities announced that residents will be able to access the car park for a symbolic fee of 20 meticais per hour, which is considerably lower than the fee charged by private companies in the same sector.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Jaime Joaquim, a member of Moza's Executive Committee, expressed his satisfaction with the conclusion of the project and welcomed the strength of the partnership with EMME, which dates back to 2017.

"We are proud to know that, with our funding, we have helped to build such important infrastructure for this city. As well as being extremely necessary in the area where it is located (downtown Maputo), the infrastructure reflects how meritorious it can be for Mozambicans to join forces in favour of the common good," Jaime Joaquim said, adding that "as Moza, we commend and want to continue maintaining this partnership with EMME, materialising similar projects in other parts of the city with the same needs."

 By financing initiatives to implement pioneering and essential urban mobility projects, Moza is reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development in Mozambique.  


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