Moza supports Gwaza Muthini festivities saluting the deeds of Mozambican heroes

With the aim of honouring the deeds of the Mozambican heroes who fell on the various battlefronts for the "liberation of the land and men", Moza joined forces with Marracuene district authorities to ensure that the 129th anniversary of the Battle of Gwaza Muthini, in which dozens of warriors gave their lives to prevent foreign domination, was made possible.

The event, which took place on 2nd February, also saw the passing of Mozambican Heroes' Day, which was marked the very next day (3rd February), with the participation of over 15,000 national and foreign citizens in a packed ceremony where tradition and culture "walked hand in hand".

In her speech on the occasion, the Permanent Secretary of Marracuene District, Nércia Sevene, praised the contribution from partners, including the support provided by Moza. "We want Gwaza Muthini to be a celebration that lights the way for a prosperous and promising future for all of us and for this land of warriors". Nércia Sevene added.   

For Executive Board Member Jaime Joaquim, supporting the Gwaza Muthini festivities is an opportunity for Moza to strengthen its sense of belonging and connection with Mozambique's history.

"It's a pleasure to support these celebrations, helping to immortalise this important date in our history, while at the same time underlining our role as a bank that promotes national culture. With this action, we also want to value our heroes, who sacrificed themselves in the name of freedom," Jaime Joaquim highlighted.

This year, Moza intends to further strengthen its actions in the name of Mozambican culture, with the aim of making the history of Mozambique both timeless and cross-generational. By strengthening culture, the Bank believes it is also strengthening itself, since its brand carries the symbol of Mozambican pride - "Made in Mozambique"


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