Paulina Chiziane and Nataniel Ngomane reflect about Mozambique and Mozambicanness

Last Thursday, 22 February, Moza Banco launched conversation sessions called "Thinking Mozambique", in which the Bank invites ideologues and thinkers from various spheres of knowledge to make their contribution to the process of valuing, rebuilding and appropriating the nation's individual and collective identity as Mozambicans.

The sessions will take place in the three regions of the country, with its inaugural session held at Moza head office in Maputo, with the participation of renowned Camões Prize-winning writer Paulina Chiziane and the university professors Severino Nguenha and Nataniel Ngomane as speakers.

Among various topics covered, including experiences and skills, Paulina Chiziane invited those present to appreciate themselves more and more, focusing on their origins and the factors that make them unique and different.

"Don't be ashamed of yourself. Before copying what someone else does, get to know yourself. I, Paulina, have been given several labels. Some religious institutions have even said prayers in my name, but I know who I am: an authentic woman who asserts herself as such. Today, I am one of the most influential women in the world simply because I am authentic," said the writer who set out to discuss "The utopia of African independence".

For his part, the Chair of the Bibliographic Fund and also a speaker at the meeting, Nataniel Ngomane, turned his attention to discussing the sense of surrender and sacrifice for the collective good, bringing as an example the "First Group of Mozambican Students in Cuba", who were invited to return home following the process of decolonisation and government transition in Mozambique.

"We all had one purpose: we wanted to contribute to building the country. Many abandoned their individual dreams to return to the country and roll up their sleeves, putting their acquired knowledge into practice in the nation’s service," highlighted Ngomane, who reflected on the need to have a purpose that cuts across all Mozambicans. 

For the Chairperson of Moza's Board of Directors, João Figueiredo, these sessions will make a significant contribution to praising and celebrating Mozambique's cultural, intellectual and identity richness.

"As the world becomes more and more homogenised, we run the risk of losing what makes us unique, which are our centuries-old traditions, our deep-rooted customs, and our ancestral values. But as Moza, the bank that bears the mark of Mozambican Pride, we stand up fearlessly because we don't want to be mere receivers of information. We want to reaffirm Mozambique as a country with a sparkling culture and collective social values," stressed Figueiredo.

Under the slogan "Thinking Mozambique", Moza Banco will organise conversation and reflection sessions on the Construction and Reconstruction of Mozambique and Mozambicanness in the country's three regions, allowing different thinkers to contribute their ideas to strengthening culture, patriotism and the sense of nationhood that is already being jeopardised by global dynamics, especially by hyper-exposure to social networks and different virtual realities.

Moza is thus positioning itself as a bank whose concern goes beyond numbers. A bank that wants to establish itself as a catalyst for a cultural renaissance that inspires Mozambicans to proudly embrace their values and pass them on to future generations. 


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