Casa do Gaiato

Casa do Gaiato de Moçambique is a children’s home which houses more than 150 orphaned boys, aged between 2 and 18 years old. They are mostly street children, who rely on the Casa to access education, food and a dignified and happy life.

The Casa suffered a fire in November 2022 that totally destroyed the roof structure and some of the walls of the main block, also resulting in the loss of all the goods that were stored there such as shoes, clothes, cleaning materials and school supplies.

Everything that had been collected over months was lost in minutes and there was no chance to save hardly anything!

For the reconstruction of the building and acquisition of the lost goods, the Casa do Gaiato is counting on the support and solidarity of institutions and kind-hearted individuals.


Send your donation to the bank details below:

Holder: Casa do Gaiato de Moçambique

Account number: 3297078410001 – Currency MZN

NIB: 003400003297078410148

IBAN_ MZ59_003400003297078410148


We are counting on you!